Monday, May 6, 2013

Breaking My Running Hiatus at Conquer Philippines 2013

When the pressure of life gets into you, it will be helpful to constantly be reminded to have a breather and revisit the child within us. The playful kid in me was indeed awaken at Conquer Philippines 2013 and I couldn't be more rejuvenated. Without Limits Philippines and Proactive once again did a great job putting together one successful obstacle race event.

Its been a while since my last activity post here in my blog. More so the last running post I made. There's a perfect explanation to that (GRIN :D ) which I wont dare discuss on this post. What's important is that I was able to break my long running hiatus at Conquer Philippines 2013 with the help of sir Boy "The Running Host" who provided me the race kit to participate in this awesome event. 

Thanks Photo-Ops for this great shot!
Its hard to express the joy I felt as I ran this obstacle race. I long for this kind of activity since I had difficulty finding time for my physical activities. I regret that I only took the 6 kilometers category instead of 12K. It felt like so "bitin" in a way. Though I was physically challenged because I am "so out of shape", I still did another short loop just to satisfy my unexplained craving for profuse sweat.

Five out of five flying stars for Conquer Philippines 2013. Adequate hydration of your choice! Road safety! Enough obstacles to challenge the runners! Cool Dogtags for the finishers! They are all checked!.

Theres more!!! I stayed for a while hoping to win one of those three mini IPads which were raffled-off. But I can't have everything that I desire. I'm blessed enough (as they say).

Like a kid, I get to enjoy sideway wall traverse, lunges, and a very long mud crawl. Its kinda lame for most who haven't tried these but I assure you. Its awesome! 

All cleaned up and waiting to win one of the three mini iPad that were raffled off.

Thank you very much Running Host for the race kit.

Thank you Diadora Philippines for my shoes and apparels.

Thank you Photo-Ops, Manghusi Photoshop, and for the great photos.

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  1. Running and blogging hiatus over. Nice running with you Noel.

    1. I hope so Franc! Nice to see you again btw. :D and thank for the lift.

  2. A penny for my thought on why it took you a while to post again in this blog? :)

  3. Sounds like great fun! I wish I had free race kits coming my way too. Tho this nasty acid reflux has put paid to my running. Buti ka pa, you seem to have a reason to smile, no, even grin, about *your* reason for not running much.

    Lemme try to guess: promotion? lotsa fun fieldwork? new baby? Haha. Maybe we'll find out soon?

    a/s (ANR)


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