Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Great Joy Usually Comes From Simple Things...

The running castles had a great fun at Runfest 2013 last Sunday. But this is not a review on how superb the event was (given na un diba?), but instead showcase some good pictures that puts me back into lighter perspective - That great joy usually comes from the simple things of the present.

Lately, I'm being bothered by how expensive the future could be for me and my family. I'm thinking about the things like how could I send my son to a good school, or how will I prepare for the unexpected. These thoughts are keeping me up at night. And even made me install a budgeting app to my phone (hehehe! its kinda embarrassing but mentioned it anyway just to stress a point). Am I experiencing an episode? It seems that I'm thinking too much which only brought me worries. Perhaps, an unnecessary worries. Runfest 2013 was Tim's second race event and his first time to cover 3 kilometers by foot. Nette and I agreed to walk the entire distance and see how it goes for Tim. 

"When I grow up, I want to be an engineer" - Tim recited this on his graduation ceremony last March. His amazement about high structures like buildings and bridges is phenomenal. He builds an entire metropolis out of boxes, bottles, wooden blocks, flashlights, and other things he can find in our room and line them up as if those are buildings, roads, and bridges. I already lost track when did this behavior started but he plays like this everyday (seriously, everyday!). With that picture in mind, can you imagine how enjoyable walking around Bonifacio Global City would be for Timothy? I cant explain it but Tim's fascination and happiness at that moment gives me pleasurable experience in walking while holding his hand. I know how a kid feels. And I'm so blessed to experience this as a father.

Like my wife and I often do; Timothy always greet the marshals with good morning, he happily thanked most of the photographers who took our pictures, and throw big smiles to every runners along the route.

The last kilometer was a different story. The distance is taking its toll on Timothy. He wants me to carry him after 2.5 kilometer mark. I hope I wasn't being harsh not to carry him but instead made him forget how tired he was by pointing where the finishline is which was already in sight. He suddenly got excited not because of the finishline but from the water sprinkler up ahead. We pass right under it getting wet from that short shower and Tim burst with a laugh (wagas!). This is not new to me, I ran so many events with this type of refreshment. But this is the first time that the water provided more than a refreshing feeling - it pours happyness (not a typo ;) ).

The three of us were all elated the whole time. Nette and I congratulates Timothy as he received his medal. We are so proud of him finishing his first 3 kilometer race. Then his tiredness became apparent and he starts begging to leave and have breakfast. He loves spaghetti and he deserves to get all what he wants for breakfast.

We managed to see and strike a few pose with some running friends on our way home.

Indeed life is beautiful. A beauty that often comes from the simplest facts of the present. The happiness that we usually missed because of looking too far ahead. I thank running for keeping me move forward and making me step back a little to appreciate God's blessings.

Thank you Diadora Philippines for my shoes and apparels.

Thank you Photo-OpsRunning Photographersand other photographers for the great photos.

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  1. How great was your family's experience on this race. And I am also smiling here while reading this post while my mind soars with imagination on how you describe Tim's smiles and laughs, now I can't wait for my little boy to also run with me.

    BTW, ano nga pala yung budget-app mo? Excel pa rin kasi gamit ko, hehe :)

    1. Thanks bro for reading.. :D EEBA for android ang gamit kong budget app bro. :)


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