Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Diadora Mythos Samurai III

Diadora Mythos Samurai III is a great road shoes and works perfectly well on rough trails, tough terrains, and serious obstacle races. It survived Natures Discovery Trail Run Trilogy. It conquers Immuvit Fearless Challenge. It stands against torture tests of five trail events and numerous road races. Its latest feat was shedding a whooping 27 minutes off my marathon record at the recently concluded QCIM4. But more importantly, this shoes keeps me away from injuries.

After using Diadora Mythos Samurai III for 5 months, using the term impressed would be an understatement. Because I'm not really sure if I'm just caught with its "under promised - over delivered" strategy; or this shoes are just really made for me. 

At first, I really didn't expect too much from this low price shoes. This particular model only cost half of the price of most leading brands out in the market. But to my experience, it levels or even out performs some shoes that are now on the running mainstream. Not to mention the shoes that I'm comparing it against are three years younger than this model. Yes readers, Diadora Mythos Samurai III is an old shoe that simply works. ;)

The appearance and quality of its built never fails to wow people. Maybe its the flashy color or the sleek design that appeals to them. But to me, the minor details and its functionality are more relevant. The top is made of nylon airmesh that ensures my feet are breathing enough. The reflective materials are all well placed at the back and front for a visible safe night runs. The cushioning fabric on the top and sides of the feet are just enough to eliminate pressure points that I found uncomfortable from my other brand of shoes. The stitches are all neat, clean, and strong. In fact, most of my trail runs gave those sides a bad beating. It was scratched against river stones, boulders in mountains, and sharp metals on obstacle races. The scratches will all be permanent but no single thread on those stitching snapped loose. 

I will leave the top area by discussing one minor flaw on this brand's model. Its shoelaces always come undone. It may seem negligible but this could be crucial when racing competitively. Safety could also be an alarming issue with this flaw. I fixed this by simply tying the finishing bow twice and voila! Problem solved! A subtle change that makes a big difference. And I say, once your feet are locked in, it will surely stay there - that I can promise.

My first ride on Diadora Mythos Samurai III was very distinct I should say. Being a natural heel striker (Not that I'm proud of it.), it provides me a rocking transition from heel to forefoot. The ground response was excellent.  You could even hear the screeching sound of your toe-off when running on pavement or asphalt. The revolutionary super-light Axeler technology increases the propulsive capacity of the mid-sole. First time user will definitely feel the difference specially on the toe-off. The system is based on the recovery of the energy used during the phase of bending the foot and the consequent return of elastic strength during the thrust phase, ensuring a general improvement of performance.

Some reviewers said that this model is good for fast-short-distance races. Very true! But on the opposite spectrum of racing, some would discourage the use of this specific model on long races like the marathons. The reason perhaps is its inadequate cushioning that some would require on long distance races. Having said that, from my recent experience, the lack of cushioning doesn't actually mean that the comfort was compromised. My pair doesn't pose any problem on my third marathon. As most marathoners know, even the slightest shoe problem will be aggravated exponentially during long distance races resulting to grave injury or not finishing the race. Diadora Mythos Samurai III keeps me from any of this and even helped me beat my old record by 27 minutes. How cool is that! 

Thank you Royal Sporting House, distributor of Diadora shoes and apparels. 

I am one proud brand ambassador of Diadora Philippines.

Many thanks to you Running Atom!

Tortured @ Immuvit Fearless Challenge : No Surrender

Natures Discovery Trail Run : Leg 1
Natures Discovery Trail Run : Leg 3

Hits the pavement more than
42,000 times during QCIM4

Diadora Running shoes and apparels are available at the following Stores:

Royal Sporting House Festival Mall
Royal Sporting House Alimall
Royal Sporting House Recto
Royal Sporting House Ermita
Royal Sporting House Pampanga
Royal Sporing House Lipa
Royal Sporting House Cebu
The Shoe Shop Rockwell
The Shoe Shop Alabang Town Center
The Shoe Shop Marque Mall

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