Monday, December 10, 2012

QCIM 4 : PR on my 3rd Marathon (Part 2)

I don’t know the exact stats. But I’ll bet that Commonwealth Avenue is one of the most travelled highways in Metro Manila. Its 6 to 12 lanes road caters to thousands of trucks, PUVs, PUJs, and private vehicles every day. With its recently implemented 60KPH speed limit, I could theoretically get to my office in just 20 minutes. But some segments can easily be clogged during rush hours, thus, stretching my travel time to 45 minutes or longer every day.

Traversing this highway by foot will give a whole new world to its spectator. I thought I knew it like the back of my hand. I thought running alone onto this highway would just be as boring as my daily commute. I was wrong on both accounts. Running alone this marathon made me appreciate every landmark that this highway has to offer. It’s like a very long museum that exhibits various structures that are not just unique, but also offers significant historical values. I got a chance to observe some architectural details of structures along this highway. Structures that I didn't bother looking at every day that I pass by. Moreover, the details of its rolling elevation now became an imprinted memory of huffs and puffs in my head. Now I know - I never got the best of this place until running my third marathon. 

It took me 2:39:34 to cover the first half of the race. I hit the half way mark too fast vis-à-vis my target pace. I still feel very strong but still doubtful if I could sustain the pace that I started. I constantly reminded myself to take it easy. There’s a high risk of not finishing the race if I don’t manage my strength well. We turned right to Marlboro street in Fairview. It’s the way going inside La Mesa Dam Reservoir. From the very familiar highway of Commonwealth, now we are entering a restricted area of the reservoir. Taking photo or video is strictly prohibited inside the vicinity. It was last year when all the marathoners were required to leave their hydration bottles at the entrance of the water reservoir. According to them, these are precautionary measures to keep the water supply safe. Reminds me of a film where the villain uses the main water supply to attack the city.

Being inside the reservoir gives me a chance to maintain a chatting pace. I managed to catch up to some old friends like Nonong of Team Boring. I was on this guy’s tail the entire stretch of Commonwealth Avenue. I didn’t recognize him until he calls my name on a water station. I was embarrassed to myself for not recognizing a 6 foot tall friend that was in front of me the whole time. I also happen to meet and chat with Sir Ed aka Scientist Runner. He’s a five star marathon maniac who travels around the world to run marathons and ultras. I know this guy is fast. Which made me think how in the world could I be seeing him in front of me, going the same way as I do. I initiated a conversation with him and he kindly entertains my curiosity. His legs are still sore from running Clark-Miyamit Falls 50-Mile Trail Ultra (CM50), an event which was concluded a week before QCIM. That explains it. I’m not fast. He was just sored. LOL! Aileen also kept me company. She finished 3rd on CM50 just a week ago. I won’t be surprised if all the runners behind me actually ran CM50. ROFL! I cheered on my team mate Bave who finished very strong afterwards. Powergrid Runner was also there. I kept on chasing coach Rene aka JazzRunner. But he who seemed within my grasp keeps on pulling away every minute and I had to decide to let go. Some Siggue Correr Runners also graced QCIM4. I love the view inside the reservoir and enjoy throwing smiles to fellow runners. I appreciate all who smiled, gave high-fives, cheered-on, bumped, and call-out my name on every head-on that we had. 

I am back and out again on Commonwealth Avenue. This is the long 8K “sprint to the finish line” as how Ian Alacar described this last part of the route. It was also the start where the leg pain starts setting-in. The rolling elevation of Commonwealth made my feet talk and begged me to stop what I’m doing. The sun also starts to play villain. The water stations play a crucial role in this stage of the game. The water that I doused on my head provided a soothing comfort. One thing noteworthy is that despite having common route for all distances. The marathoners, even the slow runners like me who were at the tail end of the pack still had an adequate cold water waiting in the water stations. Great job Without Limits! Halfway this stretch, the runners were instructed by traffic officers to change lane and it’s a blessing since the shade of the plants now works in to the runners’ favor. My walks are getting longer especially on the long up hills. But I see to it that I’ll run longer on the downslopes to compensate my walks. But it all has to come to an end. I felt that I had no more to give. My legs can’t move anymore and I’m hearing the sun enjoying its evil laugh as I suffer its warm wrath. I really have to stop and call it a day. I don’t have a choice. The kilometers ran out.

My third marathon clocked 05:51:18 on the finish line. It’s a new personal marathon record for me shaving 27 minutes off my PR. And a good finish always deserves a great kiss. Kiss from my wife who patiently waits for me at the finish line. I received my finisher’s medal and celebrated my victory with my wife. The medal isn’t the prettiest to my eyes. But my legs appealed and I have to agree – it’s the icon of my hard work and perseverance. So… suck it up!

I regard this event, for all its worth: a fulfilment of its participants; an exemplary execution of its organizer; a successful marketing strategy of its sponsors; an innovative governance of the Quezon City government. Thus, a very successful Quezon City International Marathon 2012. I can only hope that it would continue in many years. 

This is how a 1:1 Galloway Method would look like on a marathon

Thanks to Diadora for my shoes and apparels. 

Thanks to Thorlos for my socks. 

Thanks to PhotoJoJo, Tsinelas Runner, Joe Vyz, and Litrato for the photos. 

Thanks Titanium Runner for the complimentary race kits. 

Thanks to my wife Nette for the undying support.

Thanks to Jeff Galloway

Thanks to our God Almighty for giving me enough strength and courage to finish strong and injury free.

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  1. Galing. The second half was the scenic part of the marathon. Congrats again on your new PR.

    1. Right Franc! Its a unique and beautiful route. QCIM's pride.

  2. congrats dadi Noel!!!

    1. Congrats Bave for the back-to-back PR. :D

  3. Great run, Noel! Let's do this again next year! :)

    1. definitely coach.. Dapat masabayayan n kita.. hehehe!

  4. Congrats, Noel! Akala ko 4-part series nanaman ito, haha.

    1. Thanks Sha! I cut it short and omit some details. :P Balik balik lang ha? hehe! Thanks for the visit :D


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