Monday, December 5, 2011

QCIM Stood By It's Promise

This is my "unexpected" marathon debut and I'm happy and satisfied with it. Quezon City International Marathon (QCIM) stood by its promise of delivering a challenging and very enjoyable route. It got all the reason to pride itself with its unique route because it is totally awesome. The basic needs of runners were all met at least to my expectation. Adequate hydration stations from start to finish (complemented with hydration from heaven up above). Dedicated race marshals who stayed under the rain to assist and cheer the runners.  I cant help myself saying thanks to everyone who holds their post religiously just to perform their duties for the marathoners. I participated three years in a row now and will surely be joining in its succeeding years.

Prior to the event itself, many runners clamor for things that are "nice-to-have" like finisher shirt, loot bag, free photos, and a lot of freebies. The organizer often answered most of the queries promptly. Some were addressed and some were parked not to disappoint anyone but to keep the basic necessity of the race unjeopardized. These requests of "nice-to-haves" might be considered next year to attract more runners. In simple words - Runnex did a great job organizing the Third QCIM.

For me, I cant get the smile out of my face in the last kilometers of my first marathon for three reasons. First, I enjoyed the whole route. Its a combination of my training ground (UP) and places that I haven't been before (La Mesa Dam). Its a blend of familiarity that boost my confidence and fascination from running in new places. Second, I still felt so strong on the last 5K. I just want to get acquainted with marathon distance (I often told   those friends who asked) and finishing strong and happy means more marathons to come for me. Some people take pride on faster time and almost giving their 'all' leaving nothing left in their tank. But I think I'm one of those runners who aims for enjoyment (not pain) as an aftermath of a marathon. Lastly, I'm about to finish my first marathon side by side with people I look up to. A friend, an adviser, and a father to me and my family. The reason why QCIM is my first official marathon. Thank you so much doc Abe for everything.

Do you know why I noticed that there's a big smile in my face? hehe! I just realized it when a big guy suddenly smile back at me. He's limping and struggling and the suffering was so visible in his face but when he looked me in the eyes, he suddenly got a lift of spirit. Nice diba?

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  1. Thanks for your comments and congratulations on your first official full marathon! Your inputs will help us improve on the next QCIM..

  2. Thanks sir. Some comments (whining) are way out of proportion but u still took most of them constructively. I'd like to answer some of them but I think there's no use and wont do me (or u) any good. Like the organizers daw are NOT runners (Runnex? - how many decades n kyo sir?; No hydration at the middle of LaMesa Dam? I remember myself joking to your staff kung pwede ba baliktarin ung marker nilang KM 24 para maging 42 kc pagod na ko. hehehe! And a lot more. But considering all of them even the invalid claims only proves Runnex is really in the level of executives. pwede ako sumali? hehe! Kudos!

  3. First official? Meron na rin bang unofficial?
    Congrats and I'm glad your first full mary was a good one.

  4. andun ka pala sa QCIM! QCIM 2011 is memorable for me dahil first time ko dun mag-sub2 21k. :)

    1. Nice! Congrats! Mabilis ka pala... Until now pangarap pa lang rin ang sub 2 sa 21K. :) Nice meeting u sir.


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