Saturday, December 3, 2011

Accommodating Runnr!

Everyday on my way home from work, I normally pass through Trinoma to catch a one ride commute home in their transport terminal. And I always stop by a running store called RUNNR to see an item that once caught my eye. I fell in love with it to the extent that I pay a visit every now and then to that store just to say hi to the gift I'm giving to myself come Christmas season.

The day before my first Full Marathon (I'll be writing about it on Monday), I decided to spend the night at the office (which happen to be walking distance from the starting line) with my family and some running friends. Its just that I don't want to experience any hassle commuting from home so this idea really make sense to me.

Saturday afternoon - my family went to Trinoma for some leisure time. Unexpectedly bumping with some co-barneys namely Tina, Gen, and Imee who are doing a last minute shopping for the next day race. 

Carbo loading? World Chicken! Pasta, bacon rice, and chicken! yummy! Reyes BBQ with java rice served with the famous peanut sauce and atchara on the side - SUPERB! Then Timothy (my son) goes to his favorite activity area to play at the playground! Yippee! 

Then I told my wife to drop by RUNNR store and told her that I'm buying her an early Christmas gift. I know even if shes not saying that she want those CWX compression tights so I decided to buy her one for her second half marathon. And her happiness is priceless. On my part, I get to enjoy the 10% discount on this purchase using RU3 discount. Thanks to Michael of RUNNR for being accommodating and the patience given to us. After making RUNNR visitation a habit, I can testify with all honesty that RUNNR Trinoma knows customer service in every sense of it. With or without purchase, they treat all clients equally important. They happily do gait analysis for everyone even those who don't intend to buy shoes from them (im guilty - they dont carry my brand kc. hehe!)

We also get to join their most recent FB contest. A photo contest where 5 lucky winners will run away with their wish from RUNNR this Christmas. 

As I have said earlier, those 2XU long sleeves compression tops will be my gift to myself. But winning it from this contest will make it even more special. As we always say - the best things in life are always free :D

Note to readers: Di po nila ako binayaran to blog about them. Natuwa lang po ako sa kanila. hehehe! :D

(Photos From Runnr FB Fan Page)

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