Monday, January 7, 2013

Fun Run with Colorful Innovation

My wife and I had so much fun at Color Manila Run. Its my first race for the year 2013. Oooppss! Sorry, its not a race actually, its a 'fun run' reinvented with colorful innovation. Twas nothin like any regular races here in the metro. Its participants were not the regular runners we often see on running events. The starting line was like a time portal that warped me back to my childhood. It just brings out  the child in me upon transverse.

Thanks Jojo Pauly for this great shot!

My colored wife. hehe!

Thanks Diadora Philippines for my shoes, bags, and apparels. 

Participants staying even after crossing the finishline (can't just get enough of the fun)

After the color festivity (photo credit: Jojo Pauly)

Judging by the looks of the crowd, one can easily say that most if not all the participants really enjoyed the feast of colors on this event.  Nobody would wish to see the finishline. But instead want to stay on the route to feast and have more fun. I even overheard a family near the finishline saying 'ay finishline na agad?' They say this like they can't get enough of the fun they were having. I perfectly understand what they meant. I actually felt the same way as we finished. In fact, I took the color packets home and continued having fun with the kids on our garage. :D

I just can't get enough! ;)

I should have brought them. Sayang!

So many give aways.. yey! + Gorgeous Medal = San ka pa!

Thank you very much Titanium Runner for the race kits.

Thank you Diadora Philippines for my shoes and apparels.

Thank you PHOTOJojo, and John D. Photography for our photos.

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  1. It was really fun. I had so much fun during the powder ceremony and I also had my mileage for the day since did the 10k distance. Best of Both Worlds =>


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