Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fulfillment of Dream Within Reach (Bull Session 5 - 32K)

Five months ago, I decided to put up this blog site after writing  Dreamer in the Castle as my first entry. The article was not actually intended for a blog. Its my thank you letter for those who supported me financially in pursuing my TBR Dream Marathon. Then I suddenly thought of sending the article to Jamie hoping that it could get a cut in the inbox section of TBR magazine where chosen e-mails get to win a pair of Nike shoes. Jamie replied and said:

Hi Noelito!

What a nice story!  You are lucky to have such supportive family and friends around you!  It will mean so much more when you cross that finish line in March!

Thanks for taking the time out to write this.  We cannot include it in TBR Magazine but would love to share it in the future for TBR Dream runners. Is this okay?

Gotta Run,

Turned down I was, but still I was elated with the fact that thebullrunner bothers to write back with those kind words. 

Then the first Bull Circle was held. All marathoners-wanna-be were all in high spirits. There's one very important point that instills in me. Marathon is about "sending the message". Like how Pheidippides shouted "Nenikekamen" (Nike! - "We have won") and then collapse from exhaustion. A greek runner, who was sent from town of Marathon to Athens to announce that the Persians had been miraculously defeated in the Battle of Marathon. That was the day this blog was born. The time I decided that my passion in running should be shared to others. And realize that its not just about the journey or destination, but more importantly the message  that it brings to humanity.  

Now the fulfillment of my dream is within reach. I have successfully built the fitness level that I would need to conquer and be called TBR Dream Marathoner come March 18, 2012. 

The exclamation point of the statement above was drawn last Saturday, Feb 25, 2012. At Nuvali Sta Rosa Laguna, where we ran the longest run in the training program. I joined the 2:1 run/walk group together with Mich. A friend think that this is the group who had the most fun. And I have to agree with her. Jim Lafferty honor and paced the entire group together with Mirriam Valero.  

(Photo by: Spongebob Runner)

After a loop of 16 kilometers, pictures were taken and shortly we head back for the second loop to complete a 32 kilometer run. It was a hot day that made the remainder of the run very difficult. And one by one, I saw some batch mates heading back to avoid the scorching heat of the sun. 

(Photo Credit : Mikey Villanueva)

I opt to continue and complete the 32K when the 2:1 group decided to cut the second loop short because some participants needs to get back at the shuttle bus before 8:30am. Good thing, mam Meann also wants to continue so I still have someone to do 2:1 run/walk with. But the suns heat punished us. The sun is talking to me, "that is what you are getting for being stubborn. bwahahaha!". I have to adjust my Gymboss timer to 1.5:1 -> 1:1 -> 30:30(sec) in consideration to my stubborn buddy Meann. hehehe!

The picture below are my loving SIX:30 family waiting patiently, worried, and hungry. Thanks guys! I love u! mwa! mwa! tsup! tsup! hehehe! My wife kept calling my cell phone but I cant hear it due to the heat, wind, and hills that I had to endure. Sorry mahal.. mwa!

Thanks guys for waiting. Alam ko gutom n kayo (Photo Credit : Carlo Molod)

Quoting the last paragraph in my first ever blog entry Dreamer in the Castle :

"Now that my wish is granted, the least that I could do to pay forward the good hearts that made this dream possible is for me to finish the marathon happy and injury free. I intend to do this by training properly by employing a good training program dynamically adjusting it on the fly based on how my body reacts to every workout it undergoes."

Finishing the bull session # 5 covering 32 kilometers despite the heat of the sun on that day marks my highest (56K) weekly total mileage for the entire training program. It has gradually increased from 10K per week up to 40K per week. Each week consists three to four workouts with rest day between workouts. I think its quite worth mentioning that training runs were all easy, the real challenge lies on how to stay motivated. Its not a rare occasion when lacing my shoes is the hardest part of my workout. And each and every time I felt not doing a workout, I lay my thoughts to those who believe in me, those who gave a part of them for me to fulfill my dream. My dream to become a marathoner.

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  1. nice tukayo! i'll be there at nuvali to support some teammates doing TBRDM. see you there! kayang-kaya mo na nga yan! :)

    1. Sana I could have chance to have a pic with u guys (Team Alpha) sa TBRDM. Thanks for the visit tukayo.. :)

  2. Nice write up, Noel. Being a TBR alumni myself, I've learned that the best part about the marathon journey was the training. I know that no matter how you do on race day, you will have the burning fulfillment from all the hard work you have put on your training. It will be more meaningful because you know that all the hard work was well worth it. Goodluck on conquering the TBR Dream. Run safe and strong, Noel! Godbless!

    1. So true Aileen.. Thank you so much for dropping by.. :D


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