Wednesday, February 22, 2012

UP to Antipolo Church

New running route always offers a feeling of excitement. And like a kid who wishes for a surprise on Christmas eve, runners too crave to find new places to run onto. Thanks to Carlo, Alex, Arnel, & Edwin for sharing one of the many training grounds that keeps them strong and fast, and quite honestly this route is a real treat for me.

In prep for TBR Dream Marathon, Mich, Carlo, and I planned a long run that should be prior to the last bull session set on Feb 25 at Nuvali. Many options were considered and after long chats and conversations, we were finally set to run a new route suggested by Carlo. UP to Antipolo Church, a 21K+ of rolling hills. 

UP to Antipolo Church via Tumana, Conception (image generated from

At around 4:15AM Nette and I arrived at UP Diliman near Abelardo Hall where the group decided to meet up. A supposedly 4-man LSD team suddenly became 9 member's running party. Thanks to Patakbuhin guys Alex, Edwin, Arnel and 2 lady Barneys Genesis and Tina for accompanying us on this run. I'm actually excited to do this since its my first time to run onto this route. 

Pose before taking-off (photo credit: Genesis Senorin)
Off we go and left UP 10 minutes before 5AM. Its a bit late considering that we are gonna cover the half marathon distance rocking with serious climbs and uphills. We cruise in a very comfortable pace passing through subdivisions rather than taking the highway. Running side by side with Nette (my wife), I always try to check how she feels. My wife and I don't have the same fitness level so I have to keep in mind that my comfortable pace may not be easy for her. Approaching Tumana bridge (i hope i remember it right), we saw the entire group waiting for us (or so i thought they were waiting for us). Only to find out that they actually stopped to score a cup of 'taho'. Hahaha! Sarap! kami din syempre!   

Can you see the gray area in the sky in the pic above? Its just the 6th kilometer of our 21K journey and the sun already starts to peek. From the very start, I knew it would be a hot day. 

The sun was high, and the wind was hot. But that doesn't stop the group from enjoying the run. Most significant landmarks along the way were captured. Every smiles were authentic that simply shows the level of enthusiasm each and every runner have. I only want to hand some things to my wife and they would suddenly strike a pose.. Hahaha! Cam whoring! 

Over looking the Metro
Talking about the running castles ;)
Then the hills came, the old timers call these series of uphills as stages. Like a tourist guide, Alex would explain to us the grade of each uphills, how difficult the next would be, and what landmark to expect to be seen. I was stuck in the company of girls who literally walked the entire uphill. Im not complaining mahal.. hehehe! But every time that I had a chance to run, I definitely sprint my way up to the top and wait for them to come. They were enjoying chika pace. hehehe! I just cant leave them for there were places that were not that safe. 

We stayed at the left side of the road to be safe. Occasionally running uphill elates me. The over looking view of the Metro was great and invigorating. 

Talking about the "running castles", we passed a castle like hotel along the way and there's no way me and my wife wont get a souvenir pics. hehe! 

Valley Golf: this picture in the left was the last sighting of sir Edwin, until Antipolo church, where he finished whole Sunday Mass waiting for us to finish (yeah! that long!). hehehe! 

As expected, lots of hills composed the welcoming committee as we get near the church. The ladies decided to take a ride after covering 18K+. That's the only chance the four of us guys get to run all the way. I enjoy running uphill continuously and it heightens my heart rate to 95% of my Max HR. Im so elated with the fact that after covering 18 kilometers I still have the strength to dash uphill. By the time the church becomes visible, I already felt a great accomplishment. A real blessed Sunday.

Finishline: Thats the race director speaking at the back :D
We did cool down stretching while waiting for the ladies to get dressed. Surprisingly we found out that the girls attended the mass for a while.. hehehe!

Blessed Finish Line

Tapsilogan sa Antipolo! Masarap n Murang mura pa!! :)

2 tapsilog + tokwat baboy + 1 royal = 124 petot only
Mich happy with her lugaw. este run pala

Ito ang laman ng aming race loot bags -> Suman, Coco Jam, at Kasoy!! :) Baller ID meron din ;) 

To cap it off, I highly recommend this route who wants to have a good challenge, enjoy a good view, maybe attend Sunday mass after, good affordable breakfast, and wants to get their hands on suman and kasoy. Just always be safe, wear signal lights to make runners visible to motorist, stay at the left side of the road  to see incoming vehicles, and stay alert. Thanks guys! Ulitin natin to ha? :)

Photo Credit: Genesis Senorin

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  1. Not a route I'm ever gonna run but you sure had fun!

    1. never? ever? sabi mo lng yan... hehehe! pag natry mo di ka magsisisi.. ;)


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