Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dreamer in the Castle

Can I join TBR Dream Marathon 2012? This was the question that ran through my mind for a couple of weeks prior to the events’ actual reservation. This might seem very simple to answer until all the things that I have to cope up with are taken into consideration. Financial constraint is the biggest factor that keeps me from joining; Moreover the reaction that I got from my wife the moment I told her my intent.

Unannounced reservation day came. FB news feed flashed before my eyes. 500 slots for TBRDM are now up for grab. Without thinking, I rushed to TBR website and furnished a form to salvage myself a slot. The moment I submitted my online reservation, a new and bigger problem came about. How will I tell my wife what I just did? Tsk! Tsk! My bad! After a minute of worry and despair, my wife Nette sent me a message telling that she’s filling up TBR reservation for me. Wow! I couldn’t say more how much I love her. Hehehe! I’m so blessed with a wife who supports me in any way that she could even under the worst circumstance that we are into. Indeed, my true life’s partner.

Next task – raise the money that will cover my registration fee. I sent a solicitation letter to some of my friends and praying that favourable response will come to me the next day. The outcome of my solicitation was quite surprising. As I expected to gather stronger support from friends who share the same passion as I do with running, responses sets me in the realm that love is much stronger than understanding. Non-running friends who I expected to find my endeavour strange enough to laugh at were actually the people who supported me without even asking a single question. God is good and really works in mysterious ways.

With my loving wife, I registered for TBR Dream Marathon on its first day of registration. Thanks to my 
family and friends.

Now that my wish is granted, the least that I could do to pay forward the good hearts that made this dream possible is for me to finish the marathon happy and injury free. I intend to do this by training properly by employing a good training program dynamically adjusting it on the fly based on how my body reacts to every workout it undergoes.

With this, I hope I can convey how thankful I am to God, family, and friends.

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  1. Such a heart-warming story, that's the benefit you get when both partners are into the same endeavor and mindset.

    Wishing you luck for your TBR, we'll see you at the starting and more certainly at the finish line. :)

  2. Thanks Atom for the time spent reading. :D


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