Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Purple Barneys on Green & White Run

Last Sunday April 1 2012, Nette and I (the running castles) were privileged to represent the Barneys in La Salle's Green & White Run. We got complimentary race kits that were given by Greentennial Run for Six:30 running group (thanks RFM). Both Nette and I gave justice  representing Six:30 running group by breaking our respective 10K PR's.

My Performance
As I was about to record this race in my racing journal, I noticed that Run for Japan, held last April 17, 2011 by the same race organizer, was the last 10K race I ran. And it occur to me that its been a year since the last time I raced on 10K distance. From that, I shed off 18 seconds off my best time and have a new 10K personal record (PR). Its not a significant figure in terms of improvement after one long year which kind of reminded me to do some more work on my speed. Since I was aiming to do a sub 60 minutes finish, I tried to maintain a pace of six minutes per kilometer (kpm). The early part of the race was easy but as expected, Kalayaan flyover going to Buendia kept me from maintaining my target pace. My heart rate ranges from 90% to 95% of my maximum heart rate (even reached 215 bmp which is kind of outrageous, maybe I should replace my HR monitor's battery).

Though I haven't clocked within my time goal, I'm quite happy with this particular race. Me and my wife left the event earlier than usual. Had breakfast together talking about our respective races since this is one event that we ran the same distance but paced separately. And we just walked (hhww) from BGC to Edsa, like the way we used to be back in the old days when we don't have any running  group to be with after a race. Sometimes, its nice to be alone with my wife. :) 

Race Review
As always, La Salle's Greentennial organized races rated high enough to most runners in terns of performance. I listed some of the points I observed during the race and if I missed some, please feel free to comment on the comment section below.

Basic necessities:
  • On schedule gun-start.
  • More than adequate hydration stations with both cold water and Pocari Sweat .
  • Enough race marshal and traffic enforcers. (runners safety)
  • Accurate race distances. (within tolerable margin of error)
  • Fast race results.

Nice to haves:
  • Animo Squad and Band.
  • Raffle Prizes.
  • Medals for all categories.
  • Star-studded stage.
  • Free running photos
  • Long photo wall.
  • And great cheering/support from OkOk runners!! thanks guys!!
I participated in most of La Salle Greentennial running events and I'm a witness how they continuously strive in working to come up with great races.

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  1. Congrats for beating your PRs!

    1. Thanks Sha.. :D Thanks for the continual support in my blog :)


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