Thursday, April 5, 2012

Thorlos Socks Now in the Philippines

It started from producing high-quality military boot socks way back 1952, now Thorlos have a wide collection of "function-driven" designs of sports socks as a result of decades of research. One of the biggest among the few companies in  the US that solely focuses on socks, now Thorlos hits the Philippine market to redefine comfort and style of sports socks.

I have to be honest, at first I was skeptic of its claims - durability (10 yrs? outrageous!), comfort, blister prevention, foot fatigue reduction, prevent calluses, wick moisture away, and money back guarantee? Its like reading a brochure of foot spa service right? But as I get to wear a couple of pairs, I have to say that Thorlos must have been doing really well on its research because each and every benefits from its unique technology becomes very evident (except the 10 years performing life span which I have to blog after a decade so watch out for it).

I wore Thorlos running socks during my 10K race last Sunday and it felt very comfortable. In most cases, comfort equates to better performance of athletes. But for me in particular, I'm the type of runner who sweats profusely during a run and I also have this habit of pouring water over my head to cool me down specially on a hot day - so wet socks after a race are not uncommon to me. What I hate about it is the squishy sound (like when you press on a wet soaking towel) it make while running and its not comfortable. Furthermore, continuous running in wet socks are prone to blister. Surprisingly, none of this happen last Sunday, Thorlos kept my feet comfortable and cushioned and wicks the wetness away and probably contributed in improving my 10K personal record. Can you see that picture on the right? Water and sweat drips down my feet and honestly, every part of me felt wet except my feet. Amazing? That's what I thought. 

Its a pricey socks if we will see it as common runners expense. But looking at it as an investment to keep a healthy feet surely gives us more value for our money. Visit and like Thorlos facebook fan page and have an instant update about their different lines of socks.

Do you use Thorlos socks? Does anybody own an old pair of Thorlos? Please share your experience down the comment section so I don't have to wait a decade to know whether or not its actually "that" durable. :)

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  1. I've heard of Thorlos and thought I'd probably only buy them if I was doing a marathon. Is there a wide range of prices? How much is the cheapest pair, would you know?

    1. Yes! Nasa bucket list mo n din ang marathon? hehe! The running socks are 899.00 pesos. I think meron din P799. Its quite expensive. But according to them, its a good investment since it will last and be good for at least 10 years. Hindi raw ma luluwag o mawawala ang mga pads. If that is the case then makakatipid nga kasi I usually buy 3 pairs of socks every 4 months.


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