Friday, November 4, 2011

Barneys Train in the Rain

Definitely not my first to run in the rain, but last night was certainly one of my most enjoyed night run-in-the-rain. A perfect blend of serious long hill repeats,  short sprints, and a combination of both for the finale will simply burst your lungs out. But doing it with the Barneys made it like an invigorating 3-in-1 instant coffee made to perfection for such a rainy day. That is the most vivid description I could ever give just to describe how wonderful our training night was. The barneys were smokin hot - literally.

  Strike a pose before getting wet? haha!

Syempre di mawawala ang kainan

Mga hunks ng SIX:30

Sige lang burger lang. :D

Thanks SeƱorins for the photos!!

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  1. When I was training for a marathon, I ran rain or shine. As long as I could see the road ahead of me, I didn't mind getting wet. That's part of our lives as runners :) Yes, I'd welcome to be in your blog roll! Aleah here from

  2. Kasarap naman nyan! Running in the rain is really really fulfilling. First time I raced under the rain was during the Ayala Malls Eco-Dash. That time, I have no running teams yet but at the end, the feeling was so invigorating and refreshing, sabon na lang ang kulang :)

  3. Kailan ka ulit aattend Atom? Lets do your drills again. Dagdagan n natin ang reps next time. :)


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