Friday, November 11, 2011

Afro Distance Game-Plan

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This coming Sunday, I'm about to do my longest race distance - the afro distance 32K of Run United 3. Like an explorer who will go to an uncharted region, doing this distance for the first time which is said to be the wall of most marathoners definitely gives a chill that runs down my spine. Though given due respect to the afro distance in terms of training and preparation, I still cant discount the fact that this race could punish me with pain of exponential proportion.

Though I know that I can finish 32K, I cant be careful enough and hence a clear game plan  is more than necessary. Me and my wife employs the Galloway method in our last road race. We used 2:1 run-walk ratio which starts at the starting line. A real Galloway method doing the walk break early on and suppressing the eagerness to run continuously because of fresh legs. Nette and I (running castles) managed to have an average of 7:48/Kilometer pace using the 2:1 run-walk ratio covering 16.8 kilometers. Now that I, together with a friend (Miles Lim), will be doing double of that distance, the same strategy will be employed but targeting a slower average pace of 8min/K (this includes the walk break). I will strictly monitor and maintain this pace specially on the early part of the race. Religiously taking the walk breaks to maintain the quality of each and every two minute run all throughout the race. Assuming Miles and I executed this plan properly, we are into clocking the afro distance with sub 4 hours 20 minutes.

At the on-set, I pray that I could finish this race strong and injury free. I have been too careful for the past 2 years of running and I am not starting to acquire any injury now. I know that this distance is mine on Sunday!

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  1. Woww... nice early planning Noel. That's great! See you on Sunday :)

  2. better safe than sorry right? :D thanks for time spent reading atom. :)


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