Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fearless Challenge, Endless Fun

"Fearless Challenge - No Surrender" – This is how threatening Immuvit dubbed the first leg of their race trilogy. On the contrary, the event turned out to be an endless fun and excitement from gun start up until the finish line. Its obstacles sprinkle a different flavor of fun and excitement. La Mesa Nature Reserve as its race venue provides new and enchanting trails to run onto. This was one great experience a runner shouldn't miss and I’m glad I didn't.

Some could have hesitated to register upon seeing the cut-off time. Two hours for 5K and 4 hours for 10K? These numbers personally intimidated me as a runner. It gave me an idea how hard this would be. But again, my assumption was (as always) wrong. Maybe they meant that participants would surely ‘want’ to stay that ‘long’ on the course to enjoy longer. :))

I wouldn’t do much of a detailed story about my race. But if you want to find a nice read about this event, I would suggest you check and read this interesting play-by-play by the running atom. 

This event recap vid is brought to you by Immuvit and

Diadora Mythos Samurai III was not designed specificall for trail running but still it propels me in my run, jumps, and climbs.

with co-Diadora ambasador Fred and ms. Iris

with Jay Em, JazzRunner, and Nonoy

with some media friends who also accepted the Immuvit challenge

my Diadora Samurai III never surrendered ;)

Congratulations to Immuvit & Without Limits to a very successful race event! :)

Thanks Diadora Philippine Running Team for my shoes and apparels. :)

Photo Credits : Running Atompinoyfitness.comd3finitymanila.comTeam USBRJ Knight Runner
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  1. Congratulations Daddy Noel, you look like a Ninja on those jumps with the Samurai 3. Great poster photo also :)

    1. ninja? Hehehe! I float like a butterfly. Heavy butterfly! Hehehe! Forward ko n lng sa story mo ha. I cant write it better than u did. :) sayang I cant join the 2nd leg. Nasa Cagayan De Oro ako. :(

  2. That looks like a fun race! What was you time, if I may inquire? ;-)


    1. I clocked 1:30+ on the 10K category... But we stayed longer and waited until they announced the winners. Thanks Sha!

  3. Noel, What's your category on leg 3? I'm torn I want 8K lang coming from injury kaso ang late ng start ng 8K so baka 16K ulit ako. hahaha

    1. 16K n din siguro Franc. :) Walang training pero 16K would be great.. Thanks bro! :)


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