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Epic Relay 250 : Leg 8, 18, & 28 by Teejae Amorado

A shyly-fast runner (meron ba non?). Wouldn't say a thing and let his finish-times speak for him. His actions speaks louder than words especially when I saw him with his groovy moves in the tune of "Call Me Maybe". One strong runner who completes the Six:30 10-man Epic Team! Thanks TeeJae! The guy who completed the Barneys - Teejae Amorado and his Epic Story.

Leg 8 – Brgy. A. Ricardo, Bagac – Parang, Bagac

Time: 12:21PM
Expected distance: 8.9km
Actual distance: 8.8km
Total Elevation: 220m
My first run for the day: I was very excited and nervous at the same time. While waiting for the 7thrunner (Allan) I was drinking a lot of Gatorade and water so I won’t get dehydrated. I was traumatized what happened to the runner in the other team. It was the first time that I would be running under the sun, my friend suggested that I should run with a cold damp towel on my head so that there will be lesser chance of dehydration and my body will be cooler.  

As soon as Allan gave the baton to me, I ran and tried maintaining my race pace. While running, I saw 3 runners slowing down due to the uphill part of the route. I told them “Kaya mo yan!” as soon as I passed them with a tap on the back. After some meters I saw another runner, I also said to him “Kaya mo yan!” 

Due to the heat, I was distracting myself by waving to people watching on the side of the roads and enjoy the run. There was a part where a group of kids said “Kaya mo yan ate!” I was like, “Lalaki ako!” I think they were misled by the towel on my head and my short shorts. 500m ahead of me, I saw an orange cone and some of my teammates. I rushed and as soon as I pass the baton I received a cold refreshing drink and some cool water for my head from our support team.

Leg 18 – BTPI – Morong Gate, SBMA

Time: 9:52PM
Expected distance: 10.7km
Actual distance: 11.5km
Total Elevation: 378m
Before the leg started, I was hungry because we weren’t able to eat dinner before leg 16. I ate some energy gels and some chomps for the run. As soon as the baton was given to me I tried maintaining the same race pace as before so that I could overtake a runner from another team. After a km we were side by side, and luckily the bike marshal told the runner that his shoe laces were untied so he stopped by the road and I just kept on running. Along the road, I saw a lot of figures of four legged animals that were just standing, I can’t distinguish what they are due to the dark road, first I thought they were dogs so I panicked, but as soon as I got near them I heard some goat sounds and became calm. (Note: By this time, we got a go-signal from the marshal and organizers that the support vehicle can lead the runner.) After 2 km, our van was able to illuminate the road until the 11th km. The support team inside the van was super helpful because they were able to scare the dogs along the way. I was giving them signals if there were dogs or if I needed to see the road farther. I guess this was the hardest leg for me because I was a bit hungry, night time (there were no people to wave at), high elevation, and lastly, wrong expected distance. As soon as I finished the leg, I was tired. I wasn’t able to change; I just covered myself with a towel and slept until the 20th leg.

Leg 28 – Castillejos – Subic International High School

Time: 6:33AM
Expected distance: 8.75km
Actual distance: 6km
Total Elevation: 36m
This leg is the shortest and the last for me. At first I was sleepy, but after some energy gels, chomps, and warm up stretches my energy got high. While waiting for Allan, I was doing my Runner’s Exchange Point pose. As the baton clamped into my wrist I ran and maintain a 5k race pace since its 95% flat. There were people on the side of the road (which entertained me by waving at them or giving them a thumbs up), also the sun wasn’t hot unlike my 1st run on leg 8. As a heads up, my teammates told me that leg 28 will be 6.5km, so I planned my last 500m as a sprint. But as soon I reached the 5.7km, I saw some of my teammates. So for the last 300m I sprinted to finish the leg and finished the leg happy. 

Overall experience

The Epic Relay 250 was a super epic experience for me. I was planning to join the Epic Relay 250 next year (2013), but RJay one of the members of six:30 running group mentioned that they needed a member to run this year. I said yes with a bit of hesitation. But throughout the race we were a team, even if a lot of them I only knew that day. Overall, it was an awesome experience to run with six:30. We were well coordinated, unified, and running towards one goal.

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  1. thank you for the post! :) awesome experience running with you guys.

  2. Kaya mo yan, kuya! :D

  3. What a great running experience is this. Para rin akon tumakbo habang binabasa ko tong post mo,haha mukhang ng enjoy talaga kayo. Congrats pala at sana magtuloy tuloy knug ano pa man ang dream mo at ng inyong team ^_^ Thanks for sharing this post. God bless.


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