Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Epic Relay 250 : Leg 5, 15, & 25 by Glo Arbatin Labao

Runner #5 happens to be the only (running) rose among the (running) thorns in Van #1. But being the muse doesn't mean she'll be the slowest. As an assistant team leader of AdiNation of Runners (UP Diliman), her reputation of being fast and strong were all evident in the recently concluded Chris Sports 250K Epic Relay. Decorated with fast-marathon times here and abroad, here's Glo Arbatin Labao and her Epic Story.

Leg 5: 7 kms – started at 9 am, 70% uphell

I was half-way thru what I thought was the never ending hill, the bike marshal said to me “Push Ate,” which I retorted, “Kuya, kung tatakbuhin ko ito di ko sya matatapos.” (tarayan pa ba ang marshal) It was so hot and I felt ang bilis mag elevate ng heart rate ko so I opted to run/walk uphill. The last 2km or less was all downhill so I went for it.

Leg 15: 8.1 kms – started at about 6:30 pm (not sure) 80% downhill.

A bike marshal showed up after the 1st km and stayed with me for 500 meters. I was all alone for practically 5km and have to stop abruptly every time I hear or see those damn dogs. Four groups of dogs ran after me and even asked the guy riding a motorbike to help me with the dogs which he did (ang bait ni kuya). It was so eerie and I was praying to my guardian angel to stay with me especially thru the darkest part of the route. I even talked to the fireflies to keep me company (I was imagining them to be Tinkerbell and her relatives). Despite the dogs and the darkness, it was the most fun and exciting leg for me.

Leg 25: 7.3 kms – started past 3 am, flat all the way.

I did 4:1 run walk. The bike marshal was present throughout this leg and halfway thru, he fell from his bike but he was okay. I had a good start at about 6:30 to 6:45 pace (for the 1st 5km) knowing that I was to run 7.3 kms only, but after 30 mins or so the bike marshal told me I still have 4 kms to go so I conserved energy by slowing down. 7.3 kms turned out to be 9++ kms.

The route had many surprises which made it fun and exciting, the best race so far. Will I do it again? Definitely. 

Thank you again for making me part of your group. I love you, guys.

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  1. Congrats Ate Glo! Glad Tinkerbell was there to keep you company.


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