Saturday, June 30, 2012

Epic Relay 250 : Leg 2, 12, & 22 by Carlo Molod

Looks could be very deceiving. This guy might look chubby and heavy but I tell you, he's a fast runner. With his stride rate of more than 180 steps per minute, keeping up with him would mean that I'll be huffin and puffin the rest of the way. His challenge on the epic relay wasn't really the speed requirement but rather how will he survive running alone without his ever faithful running companion - his MP3 player. A jolly and high spirited runner Carlo Molod and his Epic Adventure story.

I was so excited to take part of this event before this happened. I said to myself I will do my best not only to prove something to myself but I will do this for the team. I was so proud to run for the six:30 Running Group. When that day came, I was so nervous… but the team give me a courage and guts to do this.  

On my first run (Leg2), I was with my fellow leg 2 runners having a small chat. When Rjay arrived and passed the baton strap, I ran as fast as I can. I said to my self that I will chase the other runner ahead of me. And I did! Actually, I chased four runners. I ran straight for the first half of my leg. When the hilly portion came, I started to do a run/walk interval. I almost walked on the hilly part but still, I managed to finish my leg strong and transferred the baton to Jayson. I was so happy to finish my first run knowing we were ahead of our target time. 

On Leg 12, I ran sporting a ninja-look attire (hehehe): I was covered with arm sleeves and with sun-runner cap. I ran downhill to flat terrain. I was running fast and it felt great. When I reached the hilly part again I began to feel tired. It was so hot! I did a run-walk interval again until I finished the leg. 

On my last Leg, I lacked sleep. But I knew I still have the energy to run. It was a flat route. I managed to maintain an average pace of 5:45 km/min. “Nakatuhog ako ng runner!” That’s what I said to my buddy and made our team on the rank 12. So happy that I did my best for the team. 

Overall, I love running with my team and I had a great bonding with them.

Being runner #4 of the team, I'm so blessed to be preceded by three fast runners namely RJay, Carlo, and Jason. These 3 runners gave me the time I needed to keep the team stay on scheduled time. To them and the whole team, I am grateful.

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  1. Congrats Carlo!
    Were you wearing Thorlo socks during the race? :)


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