Monday, May 7, 2012

Two Thumbs Up for Hyundai Run for a Cause

Two thumbs up! That is how most of the 26,000 participating runners would gesticulate after finishing the recently concluded Hyundai Run for a Cause 2012. Hyundai Run now on its second year again pulled off one grand event not just for Filipino runners but more importantly for eight different social advocacies.

It’s a win-win scenario for everyone. For Hyundai; that hits two birds in one stone by executing a well-planned-innovative marketing strategy for its brand and at the same time fulfilling their corporate social responsibilities. New thinking! New possibilities! And for the runners who not only ran a FREE race but can pride themselves that they ran for their chosen cause. Moving the world together!

I was able to join Hyundai Run both of its years. And I must say that this is one prime race event for short distance runners that would surely be awaited every year. It’s been using the same route for two years, a relatively flat course along Roxas Blvd. They employ more than enough marshals who occasionally checked on runners whether they’re still feeling well and enjoying (Runners safety-checked!). A well hydration plan (checked again!) – They provide small bottled water for all the runners. Surprisingly, I seldom saw runners that threw their bottles on the road. Runners kept them until a proper disposal area was reached or exchanged it with fresh cold bottled water on the next hydration station. Impressive! Right?

Those two basic runners’ necessities mentioned above are already screaming how successful this event was. But wait! There’s more! To top it off, I would like to emphasize how impressed I was to the grandness of the post-run programs that Hyundai put together. A live band, star studded stage, lots of cheering squads, and confetti blast that covers the entire Quirino Grandstand- It’s a big runners party!

I registered three of my neighbors who just got into running.
They would surely continue running with all the sights that Hyundai provided them.

I also registered two of my office mates who were so happy despite the body ache after the run.
There are countless win-win opportunities for all giant companies to prove that corporate social responsibility is also in their bucket list. And Hyundai solely grabbed one of the timeliest activities a company could do today. That is – hitching on the running boom that the country is currently experiencing. Runners do hope that other giant companies do follow this initiative as well rather than paying multi-millions to celebrities just to endorse their brands (just my two-bit).

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  1. I have yet to join their race. Hopefully, next year meron ulit. :) Nice review dad.

  2. Nice write-up for the Hyundai race! Bakit ako, hindi mo naimbita?

    1. Hi doc Abe!! :) Malayo po kc ang US to come for a 10K run.. hehe! And Im trying to introduce them to running. Apparently, you and the sport are already tight before I even learn to walk? hehehe! Joke lang! :) Thank you doc for dropping by. Nette and I misses u!


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