Monday, April 16, 2012


New set of runners started to be Barney chasers as they attended this years’ first general assembly (GA) of Six:30 running group. We ran, chat, ate, laugh, and had a great time together welcoming new members of Six:30 running family.

Holding regular GA’s gives opportunity to current members to invite and bring their friends along. Its grand purpose is to encourage people to live a healthier lifestyle through running. And nothing beats a good support group, like Six:30 running group, in helping and sustaining runners’ enthusiasm toward this sport (even better than the current racing frenzy).

I tried to be at UP acad oval earlier than assembly time hoping that I could still run couple of loops before the GA start. However, my long commute to UP only gave me a 10 minute slack time which is just enough to loosen my legs by walking around. Arnel and Carlo were the early birds rewarded with their 5 kilometer head start. One by one, members and their invited guests came. New faces were introduced to old members as they came.

The general assembly officially started at around 7:30 AM. Allan gave a short introduction about how the group was formed and a short introduction (stating only their names) of all attendees. We did a little stretching (con picture taking) to start our short run. Off we go and started running counter clockwise on the UP acad oval. I volunteered to be the sweeper so the responsibility of running with the last participant was mine. Running side by side with Rustan (a newbie), I kept on telling him just to relax and run a pace that he feels comfortable because for some reason, he’s asking how fast (or slow) should the group finish (with worrying eyes). We were not the last; Imee was running with Arriane (also a newbie) and keeping her company. As we approached the way towards Magsaysay st., I opt to stay there and asked Rustan to go ahead so that I could wait for Arriane who was trudging way behind Imee.

We want this run to be as pleasant as possible for every participant so I regularly reminded Arriane to run/walk on her comfortable pace. No pressure, just enjoy the run – I can’t remember how many times I sparingly said this. Hehehe! We need to thank RJay whom I asked to leap frog and wait for us on the turning points so we would stay on the planned route. Good news! – Matthew, one of the founders, caught us on the 4th kilometre. I have to summon all the stories I have just to make Arriane forget that she’s tired (honestly, I’m already running out of things to say! LOL!). Matthew, you’re a life saver. ;)

We got back at the UP academic oval. Arriane recovers from her huffing and puffing, I don’t have to smother her anymore to run because she’s running longer and a bit faster. Maybe because of Matthew, the water I bought her, or the fact that the finish line was nearing. We re-joined with the whole group back at UP oblation area. Arriane looks happy (I think) and I believe that she’ll continue joining Six:30 running group (kung hindi, sayang naman ang effort ko db? Hahaha!) .

Picture taking again! Then we did our cool down routine and decided to have our breakfast with our “not so late” members and guests at Manangs Chicken. We had a great time eating, chatting and laughing. It was just unfortunate that some weren’t able to come with the group breakfast.

This general assembly was graced with celebrity runners, ultrarunners, marathoners, team leaders of Adination of Runners, and most importantly – the new members of Six:30 running group. Thank you so much! I’m looking forward in witnessing the transformation of our new members in the coming months. Just like how most of the Barneys are continuously improving through the help of their co-Barneys. 

You are BARNEY-fied!!!

photo credits : Imee Palogan, Jenny Red & Wesly Noel Orana
headline fr : Marvin Pangan

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  1. thank you for pacing with Arianne! Hahaha. :)

    1. kwento ko sa kanya noong pace ka namin eh.. Noong harassed n harassed ka kc di ka humihinto ng takbo :))

    2. HAHAHAHA! Nakuuuu! Nakaka trauma 'yun! Pero masaya. :)


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