Monday, March 12, 2012

Barneys will be at TBRDM for the third time...

artwork: Luigi Munsayac

Thank you so much to my Six:30 family specifically to TBRDM Batch one & two for all the tips, advice, and support you are giving. Maybe I can speak in behalf of batch three that we appreciate all your efforts to make this marathon as memorable as possible for us. They said that running a marathon will change our lives and sharing this moment with the Barneys will make it more meaningful.

Click here to see how Six:30 running group started..

TBRDM Batch 2 (adik lng si Jay: 1st and 2nd marathon ay TBR)

Hendy as poster boy of batch 2.. :D

More models.. hehe!

Love being Barney..

More than a group of runners
It’s more of a second home. The feeling of belongingness is there. No hang-ups, no issues. At times you will see the group hanging out to chill for a good drink or maybe more bottles. You may even see the group throwing everything up in the air to have a carbo-loading party going to an eat-all-you-can restaurant and have a good time, cracking up on each other’s jokes. This is one of many reasons why more and more people would hang-out with the group: the pace of each runner may be defined but the friendship that abounds it is limitless. - RFM (Oct 2010)

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  1. lapit na tukayo! good luck sa Sunday! kitakits sa nuvali!


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