Friday, March 1, 2013

The Urban Adventure - Loaded!

Who haven't thought of wearing a medal casually? Don't be shy, let me see some hands there. Seriously, a medal would be weird being worn casually right? But most of us who trained, pushed, and struggle to deserve that medal would want to show those precious medal off to public (Or should I speak for myself? I think not!). Now you can flaunt your running achievement by grabbing this awesome dog tag at the finish line of Conquer Philippines 2013. Let your friends ask where you got this sweet dog tag and enjoy the opportunity of telling them how difficult it was to conquer the obstacles of The Urban Adventure. Register Now! Opo Now Na!

But wait! Theres more! 
Have a chance to win some cool prizes after the race.

(1) We will be raffling off 3 units iPad Mini, 16GB Wifi (all participants present are eligible)

(2) We're also raffling off Titanium Outdoor Bags - 5 backpacks, 3 belt bags (only race non-winners are eligible, but they have to be present during the draw)

I think I'll be seeing some hands now... ;)

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