Saturday, December 15, 2012

Coffee & Cheesecake? A Treat! But This Time - Heaven!

For those who think they know me - think again. Because there's only one fact that my friends wouldn't miss to know about me - I'm a coffee addict. Three to five cups of coffee accompany me each working day plus a regular big mug right before bed time. My coffee always comes with something to munch on. From my usual peanut butter cookies to my favorite cheesecakes, and a whole lot in between. With that picture in mind, what do you expect to a sweet guy like me ;) , when I had the privilege to taste a uniquely satisfying coffee flavored cheesecake that is yet to be serve come 2013 at The Red Crab Alimango House?

It is common to athletes to set a not so frequent date that we all termed as "cheat day". A single day that they'll eat everything and anything that their heart desire. A day when they wouldn't think much of the requirements of their chosen discipline. Let this post be covered in guise of the same concept. With your indulgence, this will be my first "cheat post" in this blog site.

Its not unusual for us to encounter coffee flavored cheesecake. But the Barako Cheesecake of The Red Crab Alimango House will give a whole new meaning to this combination. 

A slice of this desert surprised me not just on the first bite but up to the last swoop I did on its plate. Surprisingly, each bite will offer a different experience from the previous. I know, I also found that part a bit weird. 

My first bite was pleasured with a mild salty-cheese and creamy-sweet taste that blends with a mild coffee flavor. The aromatic smell of coffee excites my senses as I let the smooth cake melts in my mouth. The bottom crust then provided the texture that compliments the smoothness of the cake. The two succeeding bites gave an increasing aroma of coffee. The icing on top has a very sweet creamy taste. But wait, before the tongue-tiring effect of its sweetness sets-in, you'll definitely be crunching on a deliciously roasted bean of coffee. And Boom! The aroma of newly roasted coffee bean suddenly burst into my mouth. A piece of heaven to people like me who loves coffee. At this point, the coffee's strong aromatic taste dominates the preceded sweetness. One may opt to retain this coffee taste just like I did, or you may also pinch a fair amount of mint leaves to equalize your taste buds.

The Red Crab Alimango House General Manager Elaine Mirabueno Botabara with Titanium Runner

But wait, there's more! Each bite won't give you the guilt that you normally feel every time you eat such treats. Rest assured we will be safe and healthy by knowing that the Barako Cheesecake that will be served in 2013 at The Red Crab Alimango House only uses an Organic Natural Sweetener called Suchero. All you need to do is wait until Barako Cheesecake make its way to the menu list and try to experience how each bite of the cake presents its uniqueness over another. 

As a final note, I'm not a food blogger so don't expect me to be as technical. All I know is that, I want each bite to stay in my taste buds as long as it can.

I opt to mention and compliment the unspoken names of chefs of The Red Crab Alimango House.
(Left to right) Chef Nel Badere, chef Jovan Balolong,  Me, and General Manager Elaine Mirabueno Botabara 

Special Thanks to Jeffrey Avellanosa for the photos.

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  1. Can't wait for 2013 for another bite of the Barako Cheesecake.

    1. Can't wait to dig in a whole box of it. ;) Thanks Franc!


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